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Postpartum Doulas are skilled support persons who act as consultants and resources, not clinicians. They therefore work with the healthcare system by encouraging and promoting excellent communication between the new family and the health care team, encouraging informed decision making and self-advocacy, supporting the choices of the new family, providing non-clinical care, and offering appropriate referrals when their observance or counseling uncovers situations that require healthcare attention or support.



The services include:


  • Provide non-biased emotional, physical, and informational support during the postpartum period

  • Encourage the family to seek care that reflects their values and needs

  • Models and teaches effective communication

  • Encourage informed decision making

  • Support the physical and emotional healing of the mother

  • Provide information on care options and resources for the mother and newborn

  • Support and assists with infant feeding

  • Educate the family on newborn care and characteristics

  • Provide support to the new mother’s partner and/or family

  • Assist with household organization

  • Refer to healthcare professionals when support requires clinical assessment, a need for prescription, or medical diagnosis

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Online Parent Courses   

​We offer access to all online video courses which are filled with every thing you need to know about your newborn baby. the course include: 

  • Understanding Newborn Traits

  • Understanding Feeding

  • Understanding Newborn Behaviors

  • Understanding Crying & Comforting

  • Understanding Diapering

  • Understanding Newborn Safety

  • Understanding Newborn Health

  • Understanding Bathing

  • Nail Care & Dressing


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